Fruit and Granola Protein Parfait

Yes yes, we know Parfait is a sugary, cream rich dessert but we've got a hack on it! A frozen dessert with low sugar and a bunch of protein goodness? We've got you Fruit and Granola Parfait loaded with not just one but two protein spreads to satisfy your dessert cravings but still keep you in shape. A simple 5-minute recipe you can try at home with minimum ingredients, this Parfait is surely going to win hearts and health of all those scouring it.


Here's what you need:

  • High Protein Peanut Spread
  • High Protein Choco Hazelnut Spread
  • Chia Seeds
  • Fresh Kiwi
  • Strawberries
  • Granola


  1. Soak Chia seeds in low fat milk or water for 5 minutes.
  2. Take two tablespoons (32 G) of High Protein Peanut Spread and add it to a glass or bowl.
  3. Top it up with soaked chia seeds followed by granola.
  4. Chop Kiwi and other fruits of your choice and add to the glass.
  5. Top all this up with a tablespoon of High Protein Choco Hazelnut Spread and dress it up strawberries.
  6. Put this preparation in a freezer for 10-12 minutes and you're good to go! You've got a filling dessert which can also replace a cumbersome breakfast anyday!



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