Chocolate, Protein and Anti-Ageing

We are all worried about that wrinkle which suddenly shows up. Exposure to ultraviolet radiation can fasten up the skin ageing process but there is a sure shot protection for your skin: Chocolate! Don't believe us? Read on.

The superfood of antioxidants is chocolate and it can increasingly reduce inflammation and ageing effects of the skin. It also helps the skin retain moisture making the skin look younger.

We need to, however be careful of the product we are using as more processed chocolate strips away most of the skin benefiting antioxidant flavonoids. Choose homegrown, and unprocessed chocolate like Provee Double Chocolate and see the wonders of this food!

Chocolate, Protein and Anti-Ageing

Another really important element for good hair, nails and skin is protein. Yes, you heard it right. We all know that protein is the building block of our cells. Protein helps in the production of collagen which gives strength to your skin making it firmer and avoiding wrinkles.

Protein also produces 20 amino acids, out which 8 can not be produced by the body without the help of protein. Amino acids like Glutathione plays an important role in protection against pollution.

Balanced levels of protein also improve brain function, boosting your mood. Protein is the ultimate healer of each cell in your body and repairer of all things damaged.

Our high protein spreads are the way. They are healthy, tasty and full of goodness. #iamproveefit

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